Translator Solutions offers voice – over talents from a database of more than 100,000 proven talents in more than 100 languages. Audio can be delivered in aiff, wav, mp3, or lip-synced to video or any other commercial system, for TV, Radio, or any Media Entertainment audience. On top of providing the adequate professional translation (if needed) and voice – over talents in multiple languages, we also provide the following technical services:

  • Sound recording and mixing with Pro Tools
  • ADR/Loop group recording
  • Foley Stage and Sound Design
  • Narration and VO recording in all languages for media, film, audio-books and more
  • Radio ad recording, mixing and finishing
  • Sound editing and video layback

Whether you need help in dubbing or lip-sync (press releases, video games, commercials, full feature movies, audiobooks) recording and editing or voice – over demo production, Translator Solutions offers you turnkey solutions on time and on budget!